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LED Building Light

RGB LED building light. three  in one led chips (colors) / RGBW chips. Independent control of each color. Beam angle 15,25,40,60 optional. Buit-in DMX 512 dimming Drivers. IP66 waterproof. More than 100,000 hours lifetime. 5 years warranty.
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LED Building Light

As society develops and lighting technologies improved, there are more and more cases on commercial building lighting, many cities are using commercial lighting projects to improve the image and living standards of their cities.

OAK LED outdoor building lights have been used for many building surface & architecture lighting projects, such as residential buildings, stadiums, school building, landscape, expecially the High-rise commercial building lighting projects.

Customized and completed RGBW & RGB lighting solutions and reasonable cost we have been providing for buildings & landscape base on different lighting requests with over 12 years experiences.

Porduct Descriptions:

RGB three chips (colors) in one package / RGBW led building light available.

Independent control of each color.

Beam angle 15, 25, 40, 60° selectable.

100~305Vac or 277-480Vac input optional.

Built-in DMX512 dimming system.

Premium Precise Optical Lighting System, 95% high efficiency.

IP66 waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor using.

High tech thermal system, groove fins design, provide the best lighting environment, extend lifespan.

Lifetime more than 100,000 hours.

DALI, DMX, PWM, Zigbee, and 0-10V dimming system.

5~10 years warranty.

Project Reference

Shopping mall surface lighting with RGBW led flood lights and remote DMX control system we finished by using 300W led outdoor building lights in the USA.

LED building light


MN Power

Beam Angle

Input voltage


OAK-RGB-120W 120 318x255x70

15, 25, 40, 60

100-305V AC


OAK-RGB-160W 160 318x320x70
OAK-RGB-200W 200 418x320x70
OAK-RGB-240W 240 402x377x132
OAK-RGB-320W 320 502x377x132
OAK-RGB-400W 400 602x377x132
OAK-RGB-480W 480 702x377x132
OAK-RGB-720W 720 702x497x132
OAK-RGB-960W 960 702x617x132

Colors Mixning detailes

All other colors required for commercial building lighting can be created by led building light of RGB 3-in-1 led chips and DMX controlling system.

Our led outdoor building lights have optional colors that also suitabel for different occasion, likes music festival, vocal concert, sports activities in stadiums, landscape lighting, etc..


Project reference:

Commercial building lighting projects as follow we have done with LED building light in different countries, expecially high temperature lighting environment in Middle East and Africa countries.

Free and complete lighting solutions with our led outdoor building lights have been providing firstly over 12 years, 100% match your lighting requests and project budget, excellent after-sales service for every customer.


Lighting projects not only has lighting function, but also is the need of social and commercial development. So, how to improve the quality of lighting design of commercial buildings?

1. The lighting design of commercial buildings should avoid personal beauty. Before designing the scheme, the night lighting of surrounding buildings and surrounding roads should be checked in advance to form a harmonious and unified light environment.

2. Lighting design of commercial buildings needs to start from decoration to attract pedestrians' attention. The use of dynamic lighting, light interaction and other appropriate design techniques to give commercial buildings life color, add highlights to commercial buildings and enhance business competitiveness.

3. The coordination of night lighting and day lighting of commercial buildings is also a point that cannot be ignored. Not only should not only be beautiful, but also pay attention to whether the lighting equipment will cause a sense of burden to the daytime landscape.

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