Led Church Lighting
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Led Church Lighting

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LED Church Lighting

OAK LED has recently developed a two-in-one LED chips. It is the Bi-color temperature high-power photography light. It can meet the lighting needs of modern churches. It can be used for different occasions and is suitable for LED church lighting.

A church is a place where perform the religious ceremonies. The functions of the church includes generally daily services, weddings, missions, etc. Nowadays, the lighting technology is improving. The lighting should meet the different needs of the church during the day.

LED church lightinggenerally uses warm colors. Some RGBW lights out there for some churches . It will present dynamic and changeable lighting scenes.

In the current lighting market, almost only low-power lamps can adjust the color temperature and brightness at the same time. However, now OAK LED enables high power LED light to realize this function.


OAK-STU-1200W, church lighting fixtures.

2 in 1 : two color temperatures in one LED COB chip with colors 2700K - 6500K. Color adjustable.

CRI96 for 2 in 1 LED chips.

DMX signal converter and manual dimming integrated. The DMX signal can connect to the computer to realize computer control of lighting.

The high-power manual dimmer knob can adjust the color temperature. And it can adjust its intensity individually.

High-sensitive power supply.

LED Church LightingLED Church Lighting


● Cusotimzed Bridgelux COB LED chip & built-in Meanwell drivers.

● Precise optical lighting system & Anti-glare lighting design system, 95% high efficiency.

● Optical PC lens and leds 100% match to make the light more focused, reducing light loss.

● Special thermal system to increase heat dissipation and extend the lifespan.

● Using highly sensitive power supply,suitable for different kinds of HD broadcasting and photography.

● 5-10 times brighter than conventional LED lamps, 500W OAK LED can directly replace 1000W-1500W MH/Halogen lamps.

● No flicker issue.


1. The higher CRI, it can restore the better the original color of the object. The high display index CRI96 can make the interior of the church more realistic. Church lighting fixtures make the church a beautiful picture at night. And it makes the church a famous landscape in the city.

2. When holding a wedding ceremony, adjusting the 2700K+6500K Bi-color temperature and brightness individually, can match the progress of the wedding. It makes the couple's wedding more romantic and perfect

3. During the day, the church lighting fixturesand sunlight, together to light up the church. After that, they will meet the lighting needs of daily missionary ceremonies.

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