Why stadiums must use professional LED lights
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Why stadiums must use professional LED lights

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According to OAK LED's cooperation with customers for many years, many stadiums are entangled in professional LED sports lighting when choosing lighting fixtures. Why is it so much more expensive than ordinary LED lights? Why can't we use ordinary LED lamps instead of professional? The LED stadium sports lights, now OAK LED provides you with the following ten reasons.

1. The light source and power supply of professional LED sports competition lamps adopt the original imported international first-line brand, which is customized for different projects and cannot be mass-produced. Ordinary LED lamps are produced in batches. The light source and power supply do not meet the parameters of the stadium lighting parameters and cannot be used directly on the court.

2. Professional LED sports competitions The radiators use military phase change heat dissipation technology and high thermal conductivity materials. This technology and materials can reduce energy consumption and lighten the weight of the lamps, especially the thermal conductivity is better, while ordinary LEDs use general alloy aluminum.

3. The color temperature of professional LED sports competition lamps is tailored for various types of golf courses, making athletes, referees and audiences more comfortable.

4. The color rendering index of professional LED sports competition lamps is greater than 80, which makes the color more realistic, restores the true beauty of the stadium, and the image of ordinary LED is blurred.

5. Professional comprehensive gymnasiums, there will often be competitions for different projects. Sports events of different projects will have different requirements for the parameters of the stadium lighting. For example, the lighting requirements of indoor tennis courts and outdoor soccer stadiums have many different points. The lighting of the stadium should take into account the requirements of various competition venues. It is specially developed and produced according to the different conditions of the arena. The input cost is high, the raw materials of the products are also high, and the price is very expensive.

6. Professional LED sports competition lamps use professional light distribution system, point-by-point light distribution system, more energy-saving effect, a variety of light distribution design, to achieve accurate light distribution, can achieve lighting effects, more uniform illumination, ordinary LED lighting effects Either too bright and too glaring, or not bright enough, there will be obvious dark areas, uneven illumination.

7. Professional LED sports competition lamps, no light pollution, spillover and glare control: professional light distribution design, effectively prevent spillage, glare, reduce over 50% of the spillover on the general site, ordinary LED lights leak seriously, prone to disturbing people Happening.

8. OAKLED sports competition lamps have constant illumination technology, and the illumination level and uniformity >20000 hours remain basically unchanged.

9. OAK LED sports competition lamps are maintenance-free for more than ten years without any maintenance cost, and the effect and quality are more guaranteed.

10. Modern indoor sports venues, in addition to a good lighting environment, intelligent lighting control system is also indispensable, ordinary LED lighting does not have an intelligent control system. The LED lighting for sports lighting has been very mature in the intelligent control system. The intelligent lighting system can realize the training entertainment mode, the amateur competition mode, the professional competition mode, the TV broadcast mode, and can also be linked with other subsystems of the intelligent building. The control operation is simple, and can be controlled on the computer and the mobile terminal, improving the management level of the gymnasium, reducing the maintenance cost, good energy saving and emission reduction effect, effectively extending the life of the lamp, and realizing rich and varied lighting control effects.

In summary, professional LED sports competition special lamps, from research and development to production, have invested a lot of human and material resources, all raw materials are the highest quality, some raw materials are still rare items, so high-quality raw materials, professional research and development The special production process leads to a much higher price than ordinary LED lamps.

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