Why more and more basketball court lighting uses LED sports lighting
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Why more and more basketball court lighting uses LED sports lighting

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Sports lighting has developed rapidly in three years. And LED sports lighting has become a trend in the next five years. Since 2015, 30% of basketball court lighting in Europe and America has changed from traditional metal halide lamps to more adaptable and energy-efficient LED sports lighting.

There are three main reasons for choosing the LED sports lighting system for the most advanced basketball courts: improving TV broadcasts, enhancing the fan experience, and reducing long-term operating costs.

LED sports lighting and control can improve TV broadcast

For a long time, TV broadcast has been played a important role in influencing the evolution of lighting. From professional basketball sports leagues to college basketball games, LEDs enhance television broadcasts by eliminating slow-motion replays of strobes, which are common for metal halide lamps.

When using LED lighting to illuminate the playing field, the image on TV will be brighter and clearer due to the balance between warm and cold colors of LED basketball lighting. There are almost no shadows, glare or black spots, so the motion remains clear and unobstructed. LED sports lighting system can also be adjusted base on the game field, the time and type of the competition.

LED sports lighting system can enhance the experience of fans in the game

With the LED sports lighting system, fans can have a better experience, not only improved the enjoyment of the game, but also increased the participation of the audience. LED sports lighting has an instant on function, so you can adjust the lights at halftime or during the interval.

Advanced LED sports lighting system reduces operating costs

Advances in lighting technology have also made LED sports lighting more attractive than ever, and more affordable than traditional lighting such as metal halide lamps. Basketball stadiums with LED sports lighting can save 75% to 85% of total energy costs.

So, what is the total project cost? The average installation cost of the arena ranges from $125,000 to $400,000, while the basketball stadium installation costs from $800,000 to $2 million, depending on the size of the basketball court. Lighting facilities, etc. As energy and maintenance costs decrease, the return on investment in LED sports lighting systems is often seen in a few years.

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