What Principles And Design Points Should Be Paid Attention To in Urban Landscape Lighting Design?
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What Principles And Design Points Should Be Paid Attention To in Urban Landscape Lighting Design?

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Urban landscape lighting can enhance the city's image, create a comfortable and beautiful nighttime environment for the city, and help improve and enrich citizens' nighttime entertainment life. Urban landscape lighting uses light art to decorate, embellish the urban landscape and reflect the characteristics of the city. Urban landscape lighting design is more like a combination of technology and art. So, what are the principles for urban landscape lighting design and what are the design points?

Principles of urban landscape lighting planning and design

1. Plan according to the city’s economic development level and historical and cultural characteristics. During the planning and design process, urban characteristics, whether modern and prosperous, rich in history and culture, or rich in ethnic customs, should be highlighted. The lighting positioning should be determined based on the city's positioning to form an overall plan.

2. Landscape lighting should be synchronized with the city’s overall plan. Carry out program design based on the functional characteristics of the urban planning area and determine the performance theme of each lighting scenic spot. For example, the commercial area requires changing lights and a warm atmosphere, the administrative center area requires solemnity, elegance and seriousness, and the tourist area requires warmth, peace, and splendor. 

3. It should meet the needs of functional lighting, that is, it should meet the functional requirements of road lighting, square lighting and other functions, and also ensure the safety and convenience of citizens' lives, transportation, and night scene activities. Landscape lighting is in harmony with the natural environment, built environment, cultural environment and urban regional functions.

4. Highlight regional characteristics, such as office areas, commercial areas, cultural and entertainment areas, leisure areas, residential areas, natural scenic areas, cultural relics and historic sites, etc., highlight landscape elements, focus on shaping personalized lighting objects, and highlight urban cultural characteristics and connotations. 

5. Be energy-saving and environmentally friendly as much as possible. With the current energy shortage, the world is advocating energy conservation and environmental protection. Urban landscape lighting projects, as long-term projects that consume large amounts of electricity, should choose high-efficiency energy-saving products or use new energy products as much as possible. OAK focuses on the field of outdoor lighting, providing solar landscape lighting solutions and landscape lighting fixtures. Among them, smart solar lights have intelligent control functions, APP control, brightness adjustment, color temperature adjustment, color adjustment, and single light and group light control to achieve timing. , scene presets, scene switching, remote control, fault prompts and other functions to improve management efficiency.

Key points of urban landscape lighting design

1. Commercial public area lighting design

Usually, important buildings are selected as design expression carriers, and lights are used to coordinate and highlight the architectural groups, create a commercial and cultural atmosphere, and make the urban commercial space environment in the night space more colorful and full of vitality. Lighting design can better decorate and set off the theme, beautify the environment and shape the image. In addition, in addition to the architectural details that are highlighted, the overall effect of the picture should also be the main focus. The color and brightness should be designed according to the aesthetic requirements to be conveyed in the plan and combined with the commercial and cultural background.

2. Lighting design for leisure public areas

First of all, the design needs to be coordinated with the main function of the square and the scale and nature of the square, so that the square can better play its due role. The lighting design of leisure public areas should fully reflect the comfortable and leisure atmosphere of the space. When meeting functional needs, the lighting brightness should be relatively weakened and only serve as embellishment and basic lighting.

3. Theme and cultural lighting design of public areas

The main focus is on the theme. The lighting design needs to carry out a landscape lighting design to highlight the lighting carriers in the area, especially the lighting design of theme buildings, landscape sketches and other carriers. When designing, it is necessary to analyze the structure and connotation of the carrier in detail, virtual and actual Combined to strengthen cultural themes and create a cultural and artistic atmosphere.

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