Tennis Court Lighting Instruction
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Tennis Court Lighting Instruction

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With the continuous development of tennis, the construction and reconstruction of tennis courts is increasing. The lighting system is an essential part of the tennis court. It plays an important role in the normal use of tennis courts, such as training, competitions, and television broadcasts. effect. As a result, tennis court lighting design is increasingly valued by design units and owners.

The reasonable degree of investment in the lighting of the tennis court is reflected in the highest performance-price ratio, that is, the quality of the lighting design of a tennis court, the total number of lamps used, the total power consumption, the failure rate of the tennis court lamps, the quality of lighting, etc. A comprehensive comparison with the amount of investment in tennis court lighting.

Tennis court lighting design needs to consider horizontal illuminance, vertical illumination, illumination uniformity, illumination gradient, glare limitation, light source color temperature, color rendering and many other indicators. In lighting design, the illuminance should be to maintain illumination, and the maintenance factor is generally 0.8.

The horizontal illumination in the lighting of the tennis court refers to the horizontal illumination of the ground of the court. It is an important indicator for measuring the lighting level of the tennis court. Vertical illumination is another important indicator in the design of tennis court lighting. Vertical illumination generally refers to the illumination above the ground in the competition area, which has an important influence on the audience watching the game and TV broadcasting.

LED lamp power and luminous efficiency value: the venue illumination requirement of the HDTV broadcast of the tennis court is up to 2000lx, and the buffer zone needs to reach 1400lx. Although the luminous efficiency of the LED light source is high, to achieve such high illumination, the single lamp power can reach several hundred watts. Even the kilowatts, such high-power lamp cooling is a big problem, OAK LED is committed to solving this problem.

OAK LEDs have already introduced such products to the market, and high-power lighting fixtures have reached 1000W-2000W and are used in outdoor tennis courts. OAK LED is made of high-quality aviation aluminum profiles, which has higher heat dissipation efficiency. It adopts phase change heat dissipation technology, and the structure adopts air convection design to ensure the heat dissipation effect and meet the lighting requirements of tennis courts!

LED light distribution: The installation height of the lighting of the tennis court is usually above ten meters, and the uniformity of the control is extremely high (the higher the level of the competition, the higher the uniformity requirement).

The projection distance of light reaches several tens of meters, and the beam angle is only a few degrees. Different projection distances require different lamps to illuminate, and often a tennis court requires a variety of light distribution. In terms of light distribution, OAK LED provides different light distribution technologies, which are equipped according to the different characteristics of each course to meet the needs of all venues!

Weight requirements for LED luminaires: Because the luminaire installation height is relatively high, the weight of the control lamp can reduce the load on the building structure and greatly reduce the construction cost. LED lamps often increase the weight of the lamps because they need to solve the heat dissipation problem, so the OKA LEDs stipulate the limited weight of the lamps.

The sport of tennis is characterized by fast ball speed. The professional tennis player's serve speed can reach 200+km/h. The amateur player is slightly slower and should have about 70km/h, so both our eyes and the body must follow the ball. And sports, if the lighting fixtures do not meet the requirements, and even the situation of not clearing the ball occurs, OAK LED has nearly 10 years of professional sports lighting design experience and high-efficiency LED lamps to serve the global market!

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