Study on LED Grow Lights with adjustable spectrum
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Study on LED Grow Lights with adjustable spectrum

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In addition to the basic production conditions of green leafy vegetables, white light is very important. Many experts say that if there is no light in the green spectrum, the lettuce may not mature and look green. On the other hand, sometimes the grower can control the spectrum to produce new colors. For example, many growers may wish to grow red specialty lettuce, and the blue energy peak in white LEDs is a positive factor.

Obviously, there is currently no consensus on “light formula”, and researchers and growers are constantly striving to advance scientific development. Experts say: "We are constantly researching the light formula of each variety." Plant research experts say that the formula of each plant is always different, but added: "You can adjust the growth process." During the growth phase of the plant, change the light can make a significant difference to the same plant. Therefore, some experts said: "We change the light every hour."

The development process of "light formula" is very difficult. Researchers with plant lighting research said that the company's research team has studied various strawberries in the past year, using different combinations of red, deep red, blue and white light. But after a long effort, the team finally found a “recipe” that achieved a 20% gap in better taste and juiciness.

What do growers want?

As commercial LED lighting and gardening equipment matures, manufacturers' needs for growers will become clearer. There are probably four needs.

First, growers want quality products that maximize energy efficiency. Second, they want a lighting product that can use different light combinations for each variety. The manufacturer stated that it was found during the study that dynamically changing the illumination during the plant growth cycle did not benefit, but required a different “recipe” for each species. Third, the luminaires are easy to install. Fourth, experts believe that economic affordability and financing are important, and lights are the most expensive elements in vertical farms.

Not all commercial growers can find what they need from commercial LED lighting manufacturers. For example, one commercial LED grow lighting companies have designed and began to manufacture custom LED luminaires in rectangular sizes. The company is equipped with a used shipping container that can accommodate a complete farm with a production capacity equivalent to a 5-acre traditional farm. The company uses DC to power its luminaires, relying on a single AC circuit. The design incorporates monochrome and white LEDs, and a custom control system can achieve 0-100% control of the intensity of each LED.

Of course, many urban farmers have emphasized that horticulture issues require a system-level approach that goes beyond lighting. These large urban farms typically measure temperature and humidity through a computer to achieve complete environmental control and control hydroponic feedstock and lighting.

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