Parking Lot Lighting Requirements
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Parking Lot Lighting Requirements

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Lighting analysis and requirements for each component of the parking lot:

1. Entrances and exits - The entrances and exits of the parking lot need to check the documents, charge, identify the appearance of the driver, and facilitate the communication between employees and drivers. Railings, facilities on both sides of entrances and exits and floors should provide corresponding lighting to ensure safe driving for drivers. Therefore, the lighting here must be properly reinforced and provide accurate illumination for these jobs. GB50582-2010 The illumination of the entrance and toll booth of the parking lot shall not be less than 50 lux.

2. Signage, markings - The signs in this yard can only be seen if they are illuminated, and the lighting must be illuminated at the same time when designing the lighting. Moreover, the reticles of the ground must ensure that all the reticles can be clearly displayed when installing lighting.

3. Body parking space - according to the illuminance requirements of the parking space, ensure that the ground marking, ground lock, and isolation railing appear obviously to ensure that the driver does not encounter ground obstacles due to insufficient illumination when entering the parking space. After the vehicle is parked and seated, the body of the vehicle should be displayed under appropriate lighting to facilitate the identification of other drivers and the entry and exit of the vehicle.

4. Pedestrian Routes - There are pedestrian roads when pedestrians pick up or get out of their cars to leave. This road is considered lighting as a normal sidewalk and must provide proper ground lighting and vertical lighting. If the pedestrian route and lane of this parking lot are mixed, it will be considered according to the lane reference.

5. Environmental disturbance? From the point of view of security aspects and identification needs, the environment of the parking lot should have some lighting. However, the impact on the atmosphere outside the venue must be reduced. As a result, vehicles and parking lots are not beautiful decorations for the public environment, which may destroy the original harmony of the environment. By improving the arrangement of lighting equipment, a continuous array of light poles can be set up around the parking lot to play the role of a line of sight blocking layer and achieve the effect of isolating the inside and outside of the parking lot.

Lighting quality requirements

Regarding the lighting of parking lots, in addition to the basic illuminance requirements, such as the uniformity of illuminance; The color and color temperature of the light source are required; Greer is also an important indicator for measuring the quality of lighting. High-quality on-site lighting creates a relaxed, positive visual environment for drivers and pedestrians.

1. The lighting standards for public parking lots shall comply with the provisions of the table

The average illumination of traffic volume Eh, av (lx), maintenance value, illuminance is uniformly low, maintenance value is 50.25, medium 100.25 is high, 200.25 Note: Low traffic volume refers to the residential area or surrounding area. Traffic volume refers to the surrounding area of general stores, hotels, office buildings, etc. High traffic volume refers to the surrounding areas such as city centers, commercial centers, large public buildings, and sports and entertainment facilities.

2. Enhance parking lot entrance and exit lighting, provide lighting for traffic signs and markings, and connect with highway lighting.

Parking lot lighting configuration

Proper lighting design is very important to improve illumination uniformity, three-dimensional sense, reduce vertigo, and meet lighting requirements. The parking lot is lit differently and the lighting effect is completely different. At present, many parking lots in China use high pole lights or semi-high pole lights for lighting, and the configuration points of lighting appliances are few, and the lighting appliances use high-power LED floodlights or LED floodlight lighting appliances. In contrast, the usual street lamp poles are used, and the lighting fixtures are configured with more points (relative to the former). According to the survey, by reasonably distributing lighting equipment and accurately considering the choice of lighting equipment, when the same illumination as the former is reached, the illumination uniformity of the latter is obviously good, it is more convenient to use such a place, and people's response is better.

Therefore, combined with the above status analysis and the configuration characteristics of this parking lot, the design of this parking lot adopts low-height single-ended street lamps and semi-broken light lamps, which are queued and configured within the boundary of the field, and there are many configuration points of lamps, which improves the uniformity of illumination and reduces the light interference of parking lots to surrounding roads and buildings.

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