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LED Tower Lighting

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LED light tower is suitable for the lighting of large-area places such as railway hub stations and along the lines, power plants, coal storage yards, oil tank farms, ports, airports, stadiums, urban lighting, etc., and can also be equipped with other auxiliary equipment, such as: CCTV surveillance cameras, wireless transmitters, lightning protection devices, etc.

OAK LED Light Tower are an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and maintenance-free alternative to traditional HID lighting. Compared with metal halide lamps, OAK LED Tower light can provide up to 170lm/w of light efficiency and save energy by more than 70%. OAK provides a variety of beam modes and light effects for LED light tower to choose from. The high transmittance optical PC lens minimizes light loss and provides customized solutions for different lighting projects according to different budgets.

The main features of OAK LED Light Tower:

1.Maximum ground efficiency

  Since LED is a point light source, to meet the lighting needs of LED light tower, it must be equipped with a corresponding optical system. OAK LED optical grade light distribution system is very different from traditional light sources. Adopt precise light distribution design to optimize the lighting effect of LED light tower. According to different projects, the configuration of the lamps and lanterns itself has been optically designed. Considering the integration of the light tower and the environment, and considering the adaptation of the light source and the optical system, OAK uses a matching light distribution system to minimize light loss and Improve the overall efficiency of light tower.

2.High-tech thermal management system

  For high-power LED light tower, about 30% of the electrical energy is converted into light energy, and the rest is converted into heat energy. Only by dissipating heat as soon as possible, can the temperature of the light tower be effectively reduced, the power supply can be protected from working in a continuous high temperature environment, and the LED lamp beads can be prevented from premature aging due to long-term use. OAK adopts "finned" heat sink, which increases the height of the heat sink, effectively increases the heat exchange area of the tower light, and the heat dissipation efficiency is 30% higher than that of the traditional LED light.

3.Stable working condition to minimize light decay

   OAK LED tower light adopts American original CREE LED chip, which has great advantages in light efficiency and high temperature resistance. According to the aging data of CREE LED lamp beads, when the LED lamp beads work, the ambient temperature is 30 degrees, and the working temperature is 60-70 degrees. This is the ideal operating temperature for long-term use. The higher the temperature of the LED lamp bead, the shorter the life of the LED, and the lower the temperature of the LED lamp bead, the longer the life of the LED. Therefore, when OAK designed the LED light tower, the performance of heat conduction and heat dissipation was strengthened to prolong the service life of the LED light. In addition, the LED tower light uses high-quality AC/DC input power to reduce the decay speed of the LED.

4.Professional surge protection

In the LED light tower, the LED lamps are often damaged due to the unstable voltage of the generator, which affects the brightness and lighting effect of the light tower. The end customer needs to spend a lot of money to repair the lamps. Therefore, in the led light tower, in areas where the power grid is unstable, OAK LED will select the matching surge protector according to the characteristics of your electric generator to ensure the long-term work of the LED light tower.

5.Customized dimming technology

The dimming technology is used to control the driving current output and power output of the LED light tower, improve the brightness and working environment of the light tower, prolong the service life of the lamps and increase the reliability. The current mainstream dimming method is pulse modulation (PWM).

LED light tower plays an important role in production and life. It can provide people with sufficient lighting at night, which will improve the efficiency and quality of people's production and life. The traditional light tower is less flexible for the control of lighting. Especially in summer when the daytime is long, turning on the lights at the same time will cause a waste of resources, and the power of the lights in the lighting tower is large, and the power required to turn on overnight is large, so it is not small for the factory. Therefore, OAK made the above improvements and proposed an energy-saving and efficient lighting solution on LED light tower.

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