LED stadium lights Surge Protector
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LED stadium lights Surge Protector

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In stadium lighting engineering, LED lamps are often damaged due to the instability of the grid voltage, affecting the brightness and lighting effects of the stadium, and customers need to spend a lot of money to repair the lamps. Therefore, in areas where the power grid is unstable, it is recommended to install Surge protection Device for LED stadium lights during lighting.

Surge protection Device is an indispensable device in the lightning protection of electronic equipment. It used to be called "lightning arrester" or "overvoltage protector" in English, abbreviated as SPD. The function of the surge protector is to protect the power line and signal transmission line. The instantaneous overvoltage is limited to the voltage range that the equipment or system can withstand, or a powerful lightning current flows into the ground to protect the protected equipment or system from damage due to impact.

The type and structure of the surge protector are different for different purposes, but it should contain at least one nonlinear voltage limiting element. The basic components used for surge protectors are: discharge gap, gas discharge tube, varistor, suppression diode and choke coil, etc.

Parameters introduction of surge protector:

Parameter 1, type of surge protector:

The types of surge protectors are mainly divided into three types: voltage switching type, voltage limiting type and composite type. Switching power supply surge protector is a surge protector with high impedance when there is no surge, and can be converted into low impedance immediately when there is a surge. Its commonly used components are discharge gap, gas discharge tube, thyristor and three-terminal bidirectional Thyristor switching element, also known as "short-circuit surge protector".

The voltage-limiting surge protector has high impedance when there is no surge, but as the surge current and voltage rise, its impedance will continue to decrease. Its commonly used nonlinear components are varistor and suppression diode, also known as It is a "clamp pull type surge protector"

The composite surge protector is composed of voltage switching type and voltage limiting type. The characteristics of the surge protector can be expressed as voltage switching type, voltage limitation or both with the applied voltage.

Parameter 2, nominal discharge current (In):

The nominal discharge current refers to the peak current of 8/20 wave flowing through the SPD. The nominal discharge current of Junhe Electronic Power Surge Protector varies according to the protection level. For details, please refer to the product list page.

Parameter 3, inrush current (Iimp):

It is determined by the current peak value Ipeak, the charge quantity Q and the specific energy W/R, and it is the classification of the surge protector of the 10/350 wave type I experiment.

Parameter 4, the maximum discharge current:

The maximum discharge current is the current flowing through the surge protector, which has a peak value of 8/20 wave current. The level of the power surge protector is different, and the maximum discharge current is also different. For details, please refer to the product list page.

Parameter 5, maximum continuous working voltage:

The maximum continuous working voltage is the maximum effective value of the AC voltage or DC voltage that can be permanently applied to the surge protector. Its value is equal to the rated voltage.

Parameter 6, voltage protection level (Up)

The voltage protection level is a performance parameter that characterizes the voltage between the terminals of the surge protector, and its value can be selected from the list of preferred values.

Parameter 7, residual pressure

Residual voltage refers to the peak voltage between the terminals when the discharge current flows through the surge protector.

Parameter 8, shell protection level

The protection level of the shell of the surge protector refers to the degree of protection provided by the shell to prevent access to dangerous parts, to prevent solid foreign objects from the outside, and to prevent water from entering the shell.

In sports lighting projects, OAK LED can choose the matching surge protector according to the characteristics of your local power grid to ensure the long-term operation of the stadium.

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