LED Seaport Lighting Solution
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LED Seaport Lighting Solution

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The harbour needs proper lighting to guide the vessel into the port, and OAK LEDs have the right LED fixtures to achieve this. With energy-efficient, long-lasting luminaires, OAK LEDs make it easier for maintenance professionals working in seaport and container ship facilities to maintain a high level of safety and visibility. If you are looking for more efficient and longer-lasting luminaires for your port facilities, please trust the OAK LED's signature products.

Due to the height of the container stack, for ideal outdoor lighting, we have an optical solution that adapts to each height due to the need for higher poles under and around the load handling machine. By considering the CIE or SIP lighting specifications, LEDs that meet customer requirements can be used to design an area where ships can carry international cargo and store thousands of containers. There is a need for improved LED conversion in corridor areas and loading areas, particularly when containers are stacked on one another and especially stacked side by side in outdoor areas, which has become a satisfactory and acceptable method of saving.

In the outdoor area, LED RETROFIT gain can be achieved with OAK products, which have a high lumen symmetrical beam angle for placement on high frequency poles in transport and walkways. The projector can transmit an average of 57,000 lm of illumination to the field through a symmetrical distribution, a unique solution that increases the efficiency limit and produces these values even under difficult temperature conditions.

Light fixtures designed for use in the harbour area:

Working at the beach brings problems with salt in the air and water. Many outdoor fixtures are easily damaged by sea salt, but not OAK LED fixtures. OAK's luminaires are thoroughly tested for salt spray and corrosion, so they can be safely used in all beachfront applications. They meet and exceed national and international seaport lighting standards, so any port can be used globally to find more efficient lighting options.

OAK LEDs with high definition and visibility:

OAK LED luminaires are designed to reduce glare while providing high lumens packaging and efficacy. This means that when you upgrade to OAK LED outdoor LED fixtures, the visibility of the harbour will increase. The UGR of these solutions meets the requirements of port lighting, which means they are highly unlikely to cause any visual discomfort.

In addition, OAK LEDs have the highest color rendering index in their class. The color rendering index (CRI) measures the appearance of color in light compared to the sun. OAK LEDs have a CRI greater than 80, which provides external LED fixtures with the closest level of natural daylight illumination.

Reduced maintenance costs through OAK LED life:

Since the lights in the harbour are usually mounted on high poles to spread to the ports, replacing fixture fixtures is an important task. When you upgrade from the OAK LED to the LED fixture option, you can reduce the number of times you have to do this work in large quantities. Due to the iconic cross-ventilation systems and designs of these luminaires, they last longer than the lamps they replace, so there is very little need to climb poles to replace burnt lights or luminaires.

In port lighting, two different standardized values appear. These values represent the minimum or average illumination data calculated during project engineering and must be adhered to. The container storage area and the harbour ship loading area should be expected so as not to be below the specified critical lighting intensity. If multiple fixtures must be placed on the pole, you must check the installation findings, device discovery, and layout.

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