LED Replacement for 1000W Metal Halide
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LED Replacement for 1000W Metal Halide

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Since the 1980s, metal halide lamps were widely used in sport fields, cranes and harbour lighting, high mast installations, industrial and commercial areas.


However, with the advancement of LED technology and the development of lighting solutions, LED lighting starts to replace the metal halide lamps.

In current, the new and more famous systems and devices use LED lighting technology, which has the advantage that the LED lamps are 2-5 times brighter than traditional metal halide lamps and halogen lamps, meanwhile, and provides energy-saving solutions to help reduce 70-80% energy power costs.

According to the years of experience, we should think about how many lux the LED flood lights can create compared with HID, metal halide or sodium lamps, rather than to only focus on the power of the LED flood lights to replace the 1000W metal halide lamps.

The lux is basically the measurement of light at the ground or waist level that is charged by a source. Thus, the lux brightness is caused by converted lumens rather than watts. As LED systems are inherently brighter than older technologies, the lumens produced by each device are more effective in their reach and propulsion capabilities than those produced by metal halides. The resulting lumen conversion rate is critical because it helps you buy the amount of light you need; and lumens are an entirely different concept from watts, which are used only to measure energy expenditure.

So if you are going to replace metal halides with LEDs, you should take a look at the conversion lumen ratio that LEDs can produce. For example, the ratio of our OAK LED high-power LED lights is from 3 to 5, which means you need to buy our 400 watt or 500 watt LED lights to replace as 1000 watt metal halide lamps.

In terms of generating brightness, LEDs are more efficient than metal halide lamps, which is why you only need buy 400 watt or 500 watt LED flood light to replace 1000 watt metal halide lamp. But you need to check the lumen conversion ratio or lux output to ensure your needs. If you are working on a lighting replacement project that needs high power or high brightness LED products, it is the best choice to use our 400 watt or 500 watt LED flood light for replacing 1000 watt metal halide lamp.

Here is an equivalent replacement between our LED flood lights and metal halide lamps.

100W LED Flood Light= 250W-400W Metal Halide

200W LED Flood Light= 400W-1000W Metal Halide

300W LED Flood Light= 1000W-1500W Metal Halide

400W LED Flood Light= 1000W-1500W Metal Halide

500W LED Flood Light= 1000W-2000W Metal Halide

600W LED Flood Light= 1000W-2000W Metal Halide

720W LED Flood Light= 1500W-4000W Metal Halide

1000W LED Flood Light= 2000W-4000W Metal Halide

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