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LED Photography Lights

OAK LED Photography Lights are designed and built for photographers, videographers and cinematographers who want professional quality at an affordable price.CRI 96, TLCI 96, R9 values above 95 Manual dimming, remote dimming Meanwell Driver 5 years warranty
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LED Photography Lights

The best led photography lights for you.

OAK LED Photography Lights are designed and built for photographers, videographers and cinematographers who want professional quality at an affordable price.

This type delivers field-tested reliability, solid construction, and all the features required for professional performance.


* High quality Bridgelux COB LED Chips & Meanwell series drivers.

* Precise optical lighting system & Anti-glare lighting design system.

* Optical PC lens and LEDs 100% match to make the light more focused, reducing light loss.

* Supporting DALI/DMX dimming, manual dimming, mobile remote dimming.

* CRI>96, TLCI>96, R9 values>95.

* More than 70% energy saved than conventional studio lights.

* Long lifespan up to 80,000hrs-100,000hrs, light retain 50%.







Beam Angle







15, 25, 40,
60, 90, 120









Project References:

Mainly used for magazine shooting, TV/film shooting, commercial advertising video/photo shooting, etc.


Tips for choosing the best LED photography lights:

1. Considering its light source

The light source is the most important component that determines the lighting effect of photography.

At present, the mainstream best studio lights basically use LED as the light source, and LEDs are divided into COB LED chips and SMD LED chips.

SMD LED chips and COB LED chips have their own advantages. The SMD LED chips have higher power and brightness, but its quality is uneven, while the COB LED chips make the light more focused, and its irradiation distance is farther than SMD chips.

OAK LED Photography Lights adopt high quality Bridgelux COB chips, providing sufficient light for different photography venues.

2. Considering its color temperature

Color temperature is an indicator that needs to be understood when buying an studio lights for photography.

The photography lights have a single color temperature like standard 5600K, but more of a dual color temperature, which can adjust from 3200K to 5600K.

So choosing a single color temperature or dual color temperature should depend on the need of various shooting.

OAK LED Photography Lights can provide 2000K to 9000K optionally, which can meet different lighting requirements of various photography venues.

Meanwhile, the change of color temperature can make shooting more funny and creative.

3. Considering its color rendering index

The color rendering index (Ra) refers to the characteristics of different colors presented when different light sources illuminate the same color object.

The higher the color rendering index, the higher the color reproduction of the LED photography lights. So high CRI can truly restore colors, which is an crucial indicator for purchasing the best Studio Lights.

Usually, the CRI should be more than 80 when choosing a LED photography light, otherwise, the shooting resulting will be distorted.

OAK LED Photography Lights with high quality Bridgelux COB chips not only can show high brightness, but also can present high CRI>95.

So our LED Photography Lights with high CRI can show more natural and brilliant lighting effect.

4. Considering its heat dissipation performance

Many people often ignore the heat dissipation performance when purchasing studio lights for photography. In fact, the heat dissipation performance of LED photography light is a key factor that affects the lifespan of the photography lights. LED lamps will emit a lot of heat when it is working, the excessively high temperature will greatly reduce the overall service lifespan of the photography light if such a huge heat in time is not be transferred.

Equipped with unique thermal system, OAK LED Photography Lights use aviation aluminum with excellent heat dissipation performance as the body material and optimizes the circuit design of the lamp to reduce the power consumption to transfer the huge heat from the chips to the air, so finally keeping the lamps in better running environment.

5. Considering its compatible photography accessories

To meet different shooting requirements, LED photography lights need to use different photography accessories.

OAK LED Photography Lights can provide softbox, barndoor, Yoket bracket for various shooting needs.

Our softbox can soften the blunt light and make the light quality softer, the barndoor can shape different surface lights and beams, and the Yoket bracket can make the LED photography light have a more flexible light distribution angle.

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