LED Lighting Design for Softball Field
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LED Lighting Design for Softball Field

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The US softball is relatively developed and has a high level of professionalism. The lighting standards for its softball field are internationally leading. In 2009, the newly revised “Sports and Entertainment Venue Lighting” standard IESNA RP-6-01 R2009 stipulates that the general color rendering index Ra is greater than or equal to 65, regardless of SD or HDTV broadcast, and the correlated color temperature is TC=3000K-6000K.

Softball is both high-speed aerial sports. Illuminance levels and light direction on the ball and the players are critical. In flight, the ball may be momentarily lost from sight due to the glare of light sources or a background of low contrast. Proper pole location and timing are essential for good visibility.

Light from Multiple Directions: Softball Field Lighting should be designed to minimize shadows and provide good modeling of the players. This usually requires lighting from three or four directions.

Softball field lighting locations: Floodlight locations should coincide with the way the game is played. Usually, the fixtures are placed on two “A” poles in the infield, two “B” poles down the first and third base lines, and “C” poles in the outfield. All layouts utilize the same location for the “A” pole. The 6 pole and 8 pole layouts use the same location for the “B” poles as well.

LED Lighting Design For Softball Court

Glare Control: To reduce glare floodlights must be aimed out of the line of sight of the players. A step-by-step analysis of the way softball is played is necessary. The proper arrangement of poles will minimize any direct glare for players.

Luminaire Beam Spread: The beam spread of each floodlight should be selected to put the maximum amount of light on the field without producing a hot spot.  The beam should be wide enough to overlap the distribution from adjacent aiming points.

Mounting Height: The minimum mounting height to the bottom row of luminaires for all poles is 15 meters (50 feet).  Mounting heights would be increased to compensate for the additional rows of luminaires. Mounting heights should also be increased when necessary to prevent glare and efficiently utilize the beam.

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