LED Lighting Design For Baseball Field
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LED Lighting Design For Baseball Field

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There is no universal lighting design to fit every stadium because every sport has various lighting requirements. So the baseball field must be well-lit, which can help the player and spectators see what is happening. And at the same time, the glare should be minimized. Otherwise, the glare will make the players’ and spectators’ eyes uncomfortable and cause negatively impacts on the vision.

This is the reason why the baseball field layout is divided into infield and outfield. It can ensure that there is a proper illuminance and uniformity in the field. So the lighting fixtures in baseball field should be installed in a position where the gaze of the players moves during batting, pitching and catching.

Below are the main factors you should focus on when installing the flood lights for baseball field.

1. Poles height

The height of the lighting fixtures is crucial for illuminating the whole baseball field. The lighting pole should be positioned in a way that the glare does not occur directly into the eyes of the players.

2. Position of Light Fixtures

When installing the light, it should consider the position of the light pole. Depending on the competition, light poles may vary from 4-poles, 6-poles, and 8-poles. For providing great illumination, welcome to consult with us for details.

3. Design for International Competitions

For international competitions, lighting aiming design must be followed. The aim design must be in accordance with the shadows of the players and uniformity of the stadium. It should be installed in a position that doesn’t affect the spectators and athletes.

In addition, the horizontal surface brightness of the baseball field must be categorized into outfield and infield. The vertical surface of illuminance is another thing that should be remembered. This is because the balls in the baseball fields often go high in the stadium.

4. Design for Broadcasting

Without a doubt, baseball is high-speed sports. It is one of the most popular and watched sports, which is often broadcast. When designing the baseball LED stadium light, we should pay attention to the position of the camera. This is to make sure the broadcast camera has a proper and clear view of the game. It is advised to pre-review the camera location before finalizing the design to ensure the light is evenly distributed.

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