LED Grow Light Spectrum Design
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LED Grow Light Spectrum Design

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The planting process determines the spectral design. The design and manufacture of the grow light is to ensure the optimum efficiency of the light quality required by the planting process. These characteristics of the grow light determine the complexity and diversity of the plant spectral design.

Essentials of spectral design for LED Grow Light

Grow Light affect PPFD values

Usually, the planting process needs to propose a daily radiation amount based on a certain light quality, or a PPFD value of the planting surface (some planting processes require YPFD values) and a photoperiod, which determines the PPFD value and photoperiod, and the designer according to the PPFD value. Calculate the PPF value (or YPF value) of the LED source before performing spectral design.

It should be noted here that under the same light source PPF value, different light distribution design, heat dissipation design and drive design lead to significant differences in PPFD values. The manufacturing process has a great influence on the power utilization efficiency of grow light. This effect can be used. The higher the value of PPF and PPFD per watt of electrical power, the better.

When talk about the Grow Light spectrum , only the most suitable is the best.

Because the spectrum of LED grow light can be designed, the spectrum  shows diversity. The spectrum of each grow light is best advertised by the designer. Here we emphasize that the most suitable spectrum is the best. A certain planting process, attempting to make the LED spectrum universal is not a good design idea, and the high compatibility spectrum design is at the expense of planting efficiency and wasting power.

Focus on the efficiency of plant lamps

The luminaire efficiency of the plant lamp is the ratio of the PPF value of the luminaire to the PPF value of the light source. This value is less than 1, which is related to the secondary optical grading design. The efficiency of the LED grow light luminaire is usually between 0.9 and 0.5, and the luminaire efficiency affects the plant. The energy consumption index and planting efficiency of the lamp, the efficiency of the plant lamp with lens design will not exceed 0.8.

About spectral ratio

So far, many grow lights are still using the ratio of chip in various spectrum when talking about the spectral ratio. Since the chip ratio cannot reflect the amount of radiation, this problem needs to understand the specifications of the LED chip. The LED chip is according to the same chip size. The radiant power is categorized and supplied. The LED spectrum provided by the chip ratio may have a 30% deviation, which is one of the reasons for the difference in the effect of different batches of the same product.

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