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LED Golf Course Lighting

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It is fine to play golf during daytime, but it is a novelty to play golf under the lights after darkness, especially in areas where the nighttime climate is cooler. Despite this uniqueness, it's never easy if you don't know how to illuminate the golf course.This is because most golf courses are usually not designed to be illuminated. But it can still be achieved with the right knowledge.

A. Brightness level for golf course lighting

When lighting up the golf course, the main priorities are always to make the golf course as comfortable as possible for the players and spectators. But a question comes: How bright should the golf course be? For those unfamiliar with lighting terminology, brightness is always measured in lux, which is something to consider when lighting up a golf course.

In golf, brightness levels will affect how players and spectators view the trajectory of golf. Therefore, it is generally recommended to ensure that the brightness level of the golf course is between 80 lux and 100 lux. Considering that the flight path of the ball can also rise very high, the vertical brightness should be between100 lux and 150 lux. This vertical brightness will give both the player and the spectators the chance to sufficiently see the entire flight of the ball until it drops at 200 miles per hour.

B. Lighting and uniformity levels for hitting area

It is important to make sure that the light is so uniform that it doesn't get too bright to affect players and spectators or too dark to challenge the game when lighting up a golf course. Therefore, the way to install the lights should ensure that the player does not create shadows, especially in the hitting area. For this reason, it is always key to ensure that the lighting is aligned in the direction of the game, and that the lighting must be illuminated in the same way as in the residential environment, except that it must be covered at a far longer distance.

C. Reliable lighting

Another important part of golf lighting is reliability. You don't want to install the lighting with flicker, especially when playing the game. This will seriously affect the game, and both players and spectators may miss out the key moments known for golf. Similarly, you want a light that is energy and cos efficient as well as durable that is harmless to the eyes. In this regard, LED lights should always be considered when illuminating the golf courses because LED lights can meet all the above-stated features.

Installing lighting on a golf course is not just about extending the playing time, but it aims to provide a better experience for players and spectators, and it also involves in investing in the future that is to encourage playing golf at night. Regardless of planning or design, golf course lighting should always prioritize the comfort of players and spectators.

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