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LED Football Stadium Lighting

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Installing lighting in a football field or a stadium can bring many benefits to fans, players and administration. Some of the benefits of having a football pitch and stadium lights include flexibility planning of matches, security of people inside the stadium and enhancement of the fans' experience. Depending on your needs, you can decide to use temporary or permanent stadium lights.

Temporary lights are separate units. They are portable and are mostly used for specific games or events. Permanent lights are fixed to the lamp poles to provide a long-term solution. Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose between two options.

As time goes on, lighting football fields and stadiums is a progressive experience. When the lights are installed, players will point to some lights, which helps them play well and the audience can see clearly. But choosing football pitches and stadium lights might be a challenge for many people, here are some tips to make sure you choose the best lights if you're planning to install lights on a football field or stadium.

A. Looking for quality lights

Always go for high quality lights that provides sufficient brightness and cool temperature for the football fields. Although there are several top brands for option, you need to ensure you choose the best brand because the best football field and stadium lights have lower malfunction rate.

B. Considering heat dissipation

The stadium lights can easily get damaged due to overheating. A good thermal system should have proper ventilation, so when choosing the stadium lights, you should consider that a light is made of pure aluminum because more advanced aluminum has the highest conductivity.

C. Considering glare rating

Even though most people don't consider the glare rate when choosing football pitches and stadium lights, however, the glare rate is an essential factor in sports lighting because it can cause visual discomfort for football players and fans when the glare is too much.

D. Selecting the waterproof lights

The validity and lifespan of football field lights depend on many factors, for example, one factor is waterproofing. Because lights are affected by conditions such as humidity and water, you cannot ignore this factor. Therefore, checking the waterproof rate to ensure that they can perform well under the harsh weather.

E. Checking the beam angle

The beam angle controls how the light is dispersed in the field. If the angle is narrow, the light uniformity is low. However, if the angle is large, its light uniformity is high. Therefore, the lights you select must have the appropriate beam angle to achieve light balance in the stadium.

The lighting systems bring a lot benefits to not only the football fields and stadiums as they have improved the safety of fans and football players, but also the neighbors and businesses around the stadium. However, when planning to install lights, please make sure you follow the rules and consult a nearby community to ensure that the lights do not fall into their homes and affect their living.

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