LED Cricket Field Lighting
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LED Cricket Field Lighting

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Good and proper lighting is critical to the success of any sporting event. The importance of proper lighting will never be underestimated whether it is in daylight or at night, whether the sport is played in outdoors or indoors, and whether the sport is as a leisure event or as a professional tournament. With the increased demand for high-definition broadcasting, an increase in spectators and the demand for night games, the demand for proper lighting in cricket or stadiums has never been higher. So what are the most important things to consider when illuminating a cricket field?

A. Get an even illumination

It is important to get an even uniformity throughout the cricket stadium because the objects such as the ball and the puck move very fast in a random direction and their angular sizes can vary widely. For the athletes and referees, especially for athletes who want to watch these movement, it is only possible if the lighting of the venue is evenly distributed throughout the stadium.

B. Brightness level

In general, the brightness level ranging between 250lux and 350lux would be enough for players and spectators in normal cricket games. However, this is not enough for professional competition, which requires a brightness level between 500lux and 750lux. If the game is to be broadcast live, the brightness level should be higher between 1500lux and 2500lux.

Basically, the International Cricket Council (ICC) puts the safety of its players first, but also the safety of all those involved. Therefore, sufficient brightness can allow athletes, referees and spectators to watch the movement of the ball, even if the ball is moving at a very high speed.

C. Suitable lighting design for cricket field

Although the ICC does not provide standard specifications for cricket lighting, traditional cricket lighting is designed to be long poles or way up. This is because the ball can sometimes go too high when hitting the ball, and high brightness lighting is essential to ensure the line of sight of everyone involved. Another important thing to consider when designing a cricket field is to ensure that athletes and spectators are not in the direct view of the light source.

For this reason, there is no doubt that the correct brightness levels are crucial when lighting a cricket field. However, the most important part of lighting up the cricket field is to make sure that the players and spectators and all the people involved feel comfortable. In fact, it is generally recommended that you use LED lights because they are energy efficient and can produce a light color that is close to daylight.

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