Indoor tennis courts lighting design
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Indoor tennis courts lighting design

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Tennis in the air is multi-directional, multi-angle flight, the athletes who play are also multi-angle, multi-directional, moving at different speeds, the human eye and tennis are always a process of tracking and focusing imaging. The player's playing process is the process of tracking the trajectory of the sphere and the positioning of the air.

According to the characteristics of the indoor tennis hall lighting, the lighting quality objectives of the indoor tennis hall are as follows: the overall lighting of the stadium is as white as it is. The light color is pure white, the color is pure, bright and clear. The lighting is stable, smooth, non-fluctuating, and there is no stroboscopic effect hazard; the tennis court lighting fixtures do not produce glare, no glare damage, the venue lighting is not dazzling, not dazzling, not glaring, not dazzling.

Ensure that the tennis ball is true in the air, without tailing, no ghosting, and accurate positioning in the air. The athlete's ball is played accurately, played stably, and is visually comfortable and not fatigued.

There are several items in the lighting effects of the tennis hall. However, from the practical point of view of physical exercise, the indoor tennis hall for folk fitness and leisure functions should not adopt a one-size-fits-all hard indicator. It can be determined by the investment operator within a reasonable range according to the investment status, the level of playing of the players, and many other technical and economic factors.

Satisfying use is practical, practical is good. Many indoor tennis hall lighting cases show that the indoor tennis hall lighting with civil fitness function can grasp the lighting quality, and the lighting effect of the stadium can reach a certain level, which can meet the requirements of playing sports.

The average horizontal illumination on the ground is often used as the basis for the recommended illumination. One of the reasons for this is that the illuminance concept is easy to apply in practice. However, vertical illumination is also important. Acceptable horizontal illuminance values are:

1. Competition 750lx

2. Training 500lx

3. Entertainment 300lx

At these illumination levels, direct illumination with proper glare control will result in acceptable illumination in the vertical plane.

Among the lighting in the tennis hall, the OAK LED is the first. OAK LED sports lighting system brings a lot of technological innovations and innovations to the field of sports lighting, and saves customers more money in the later operation and maintenance of sports venue lighting. OAK LED is a new generation of green lighting system that minimizes light pollution to the surrounding environment, effectively prevents spillage and glare, minimizes exposure to light outside the venue, and provides a more comfortable competitive and viewing environment for athletes and viewers.

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