How to avoid glare in the stadium
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How to avoid glare in the stadium

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With the improvement of living standards, stadiums have become the main place for our leisure and entertainment, and the demand for stadium lighting has also increased significantly, but the glare of stadium lighting on sports venues lighting hazards, the hazards of fitness personnel, are quite high!

In indoor badminton arenas, table tennis arenas, basketball, volleyball and tennis, etc., outdoor sports field lighting energy-saving projects, the light color quality of the court-specific lighting, is a decisive factor in the quality of sports arena lighting. Among them, the venue lighting glare scenario, is the biggest hazard of arena lighting.

Hazardous performance one: sports lighting, blinding, shaking, dazzling and glare. People who play only see a blinding, dazzling light curtain, the air flight of ping pong and badminton and other spheres, it is invisible, can not see. There is no way for the eyes to catch the sphere flying in the air, focus imaging as well as tracking the flight path of the sphere, air positioning swing to play the ball.

Hazardous performance two: when the stadium lighting glare energy, glare hazard level is serious. Stadium lighting harsh light, but also produce visual pain. The greater the glare energy, the greater the visual sting.

Hazard performance three: in the application of traditional lamps and lanterns lighting sports stadiums. High color temperature and high energy glare, not only a strong sense of stinging to the human eye. Even if the eye field of view away from the surface of the light, will still produce a brief period of visual black scenario. At the same time, the visual recovery time to normal visual sense, but also with high color temperature and high energy glare intensity has a relationship. The higher the color temperature and the stronger the glare energy, the longer the visual recovery time.

Currently, there are a variety of special field lights for stadium lighting for sports fields, but now active in the market is mainly metal halide lamps and LED sports lighting, these two kinds of stadium lighting, luminous mechanism and performance quality has a large gap, glare energy size and glare hazard degree is also very different.

Among them: metal halide lamps and lanterns of the most serious glare, glare hazard degree is the largest. And high-power LED sports lighting, is polarized, some manufacturers for the glare treatment is very good, while some companies for the glare is helpless! In the glare treatment, OAK LED has a complete professional optical design, for glare hazards, OAK LED has done full research, and finally overcome the glare hurdle!

The summary of how OAK LEDs overcome the glare problem is as follows:

1) OAK LED can be designed for different court characteristics and professional lighting, rather than a simple replacement of traditional light sources to ensure that each court has a unique and scientific design;

2) OAK LED reasonable light distribution design, for the size of the court, pole position, height and lighting requirements, using a mixture of a variety of angles for light distribution simulation, to complete the effective control of light, to ensure that the optical simulation and the actual effect of 100% match;;

3) OAK LED has advanced optical technology, built-in anti-glare PC high-transmittance lens, multi-selective optical angle, anti-spill light device, uniform light distribution, reduce field glare;

4) OAK LED reasonably determine the working power of the LED light source to control its central light intensity; high efficiency LED lamps and lanterns, matching power, as far as possible on a court to reduce the number of lamps and lanterns to achieve energy-saving effect.

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