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High CRI LED Lighting Products

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There are more factors to consider when purchasing LED lighting products than incandescent bulbs, especially when the incandescent bulbs are the only technology in the market. One of these factors is the measurement of high CRI LED lighting products.

I. What is CRI in the LED lighting?

Many specifications place special emphasis on the color rendering index (CRI), which measures the ability of light to emit colors correctly and to resemble the natural colors of sunlight. When the LED lamp's CRI is greater than 90, it is considered a high CRI LED.

CRI is calculated as a value with a maximum possible score of 100. A CRI score greater than 90 means that the light source will make the object look very similar to the appearance under natural lighting conditions. High CRI LED lighting products tend to display more saturated colors than products below 90 CRI, and are favored by many camera technicians during TV and radio events, who believe that high CRI LED lighting is the more advanced and advanced LED sports lighting today.

In order to let you see the difference between different levels of CRI, you can refer to the figure below.

II. What is the relationship between CRI and Lumen in the LED lighting?

As you see, the CRI's tones are more vivid and natural in the picture above. However, vividness and purity come at a price. The higher the CRI, the faster the lumen drop slower from the LED light output. To give you more details, here are the lumen reductions you might want to see the lumen drop compared to the regular CRI 70:

CRI 80 -> -10%

CRI 85 -> -15%

CRI 90 -> -20%

CRI 95 -> -25%

Therefore, if your sport or industrial project requires CRI95, you will purchase 20% of the additional power to maintain standard lumen levels and keep the calculated ground illumination.

III. How much it cost to have a high CRI light?

For very high-profile leagues or stadiums on weekly HD TV or 4K broadcasting, high CRI LEDs may be required from 90 to 95. However, in most cases, high CRI LED sports lighting fixtures are not usually used for standard level games, even at an average lux level on ground about 800 lux.

So if you need to use high CRI LED lighting fixtures for your project, the high CRI LED lighting cost is related to the power of the LED lamps and the number of the LED lamps you used in the project.

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