Heat Dissipation technology of LED Street Light
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Heat Dissipation technology of LED Street Light

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At present, the cooling methods of LED street lamps mainly include: natural convection heat dissipation, installation of forced cooling of the fan, heat pipe and heat dissipation of the loop heat pipe. The fan is forced to dissipate heat. The system is complicated and has low reliability. The cost of heat pipe and loop heat pipe is high.

The street lamp has several advantages:

1. For outdoor nighttime use,

2. the heat dissipation surface is located on the side, and the body shape is restricted, which is beneficial to the natural convection heat dissipation of the air. Therefore, the LED street lamp is recommended to select the natural convection heat dissipation method as much as possible.

Possible problems in thermal design:

1. The heat dissipating fin area is set at will.

2. The arrangement of the heat dissipating fins is unreasonable. The arrangement of the heat dissipating fins of the lamps does not take into account the use of the lamps, which affects the effect of the fins.

3. Emphasis on heat conduction and neglecting of convection heat dissipation.

Although many manufacturers have considered various of measures: heat pipe, loop heat pipe, thermal grease, etc, they did not realize that heat ultimately depends on the external surface area of the lamp.

4. Ignore the balance of heat transferring. If the temperature distribution of the fins is seriously uneven, it will cause some of the fins (lower temperature parts) to have no effect or limited effect.

However, the OAK LED formation of modular heat dissipation will better solve the problem of heat dissipation of LED street lamps.

In fact, ‘the brighter the better,’ is the biggest misunderstanding of people.

Due to the lack of professional designers, most night lighting is not only less energy-saving, but also very glaring, making people get tired easily.

The high-power floodlights and streetlights in the night lighting are shining through the windows, making the residents unable to sleep. The survey shows that these residents generally look older than their peers in the lighting environment. 

The light is not as bright as possible! When choosing a light, you need to consider the environment.

The heat of the high-power LED is directly related to the design of the constant current drive. If the design of the constant current drive is not good, the effective power will be low, so the heat would be very high, and the heat dissipation method is useless. The lifetime of the LED is not long. OAK LED solves this problem well, and the constant voltage constant current power supply cooperates with the lamp components to maximize the use and protection of the lamps. What's more, the excellent heat dissipation system makes the life of LED lamps greatly extended.

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