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Golf court lighting

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The lighting requirements of golf court is different from other sports fields, and the issues to be considered are different from other sports fields. The illuminated area of golf court lighting is very large, the direction of the lighting is relatively strong, and the tees, fairways, and greens have high illuminance. The hitter must be able to clearly observe the flight path of the ball in space and the approximate location of the landing point. At the same time, the lighting design must also pay attention to the lane lighting and the ambient lighting around the fairway. The design requirements of golf course lighting meet the golf course competition. The lighting design indicators mainly include: horizontal illuminance, vertical illuminance, uniformity of illuminance, light source color temperature and color rendering index, glare index, shadow.

Golf is an outdoor sport that makes full use of space. When considering the lighting of the golf court, not only the illuminance of the golfer's walking and the illuminance of the sphere when the ball falls on the lawn, but also the light of the upper space of the court should be considered. Try to be as uniform as possible, without dimming the sphere. That is to say, the use of flood lighting, using one or more light sources with a larger area, or small light sources from multiple directions, makes the lighting light soft and meets the visual requirements of golfers.

In golf court lighting, it is mainly composed of three parts: TEE, FAIRWAY and GREEN. The fairway part contains different parts such as BUNKER, POOL, BRIDAGE, SLOPE, HILLS, LONGGRASS and CARPATH. Due to the different design styles of each stadium, the layout of these parts in the stadium is also different. Therefore, golf court lighting must consider these factors. Proper lighting layout can also increase the fun and challenge of golfing at night.

In the design of OAK LED golf court lighting, the tee is the most important area. The lighting should try to allow left-handed or right-handed golfers to have a good view of the ball and the end of the tee, without hindering the serve. The horizontal illuminance is generally required to reach 100 ~ 150lx. Use large-angle LED floodlights to illuminate from two directions to avoid the shadow of the ball, club or golfer falling on the ball or the direction of the ball, affecting the golfer Vision.

In golf court lighting, OAK LEDs are usually installed behind the tee. For a larger teeing table, it needs to be equipped with lights in multiple directions. The installation height of the lighting fixtures of the teeing table should be greater than or equal to half of the total length of the teeing table, but at least not less than 9m. Increasing the installation height will effectively improve the lighting effect of the tee. For example, using a 14m high pole lighting, the effect is much better than using a 9m low mid pole lighting.

In golf court lighting, the location of the fairway makes full use of the existing terrain and is integrated with the natural landform. The range is between 32-55m and the average width is about 41m. For the lighting of the fairway, OAK LED uses small-angle floodlights. Trace lighting from both sides to ensure sufficient vertical illuminance. The illuminance of the fairway is required to reach 80-100lx, and the vertical illuminance is required to reach 100-150lx. The other part of the fairway, that is, the obstacle area on the spot, the illumination intensity is between 30 and 75lx, so as to ensure that when the golfer hits the ball into these areas, he can also hit the ball smoothly again.

In golf court lighting, the green is the end of the hole, and the terrain is generally higher than the fairway. OAK LED generally requires the level of illumination of the green to be 200-250lx. Players can push the ball from all directions on the green to the hole. Therefore, the design of the green area lighting must have at least 2 directions.

In the golf court lighting design, the lighting cannot affect the golfer's shot, and do not produce harmful glare to the golfers in this fairway or other fairways. When setting the lights of adjacent fairways, OAK LED stadium lights have a built-in optical-level anti-glare system, which effectively prevents direct glare and reflected glare, and minimizes the impact on golfers in adjacent fairways.

In golf court lighting, OAK LED's professional golf course lighting fixtures have a high efficiency of 170lm/w, which maximizes the ground lighting efficiency. When reaching the same illuminance, it reduces the number of light sources required, thereby reducing electrical wiring material costs and installation costs Wait. High color rendering and high color temperature stadium lights, color rendering index Ra> 80, color temperature above 5000K, can maximize the restoration of the appearance of the golf course. OAK LED stadium lights are suitable for DALI, DMX and PWM control systems, which can reasonably control the lamps and reduce the power loss of the stadium.

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