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Football field lighting

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A modern football field must not only have complete sports facilities, but also a good lighting system. Football stadium lighting is a light system that meets the requirements of TV broadcast lighting for athletes, referees, spectators, and matches. The main photophysical elements of football stadium lighting are light color, color rendering performance, glare effect and stroboscopic effect. The main technology of football field lighting design and lighting mode is horizontal illuminance value, vertical illuminance value and illuminance uniformity.

The illuminance of the football field can be divided into: outdoor football field and indoor football field. Usually outdoor (internal) football stadium illumination standards are as follows: training and entertainment activities illuminance 200lx (300lx), amateur games 300lx (500lx), professional games 500lx (750lx), general TV broadcast 1000lx (1000lx), large-scale international competition HDTV broadcast 1400lx ( >1400lx), TV emergency 1000lx (750lx).

LED light color in football field lighting: In the color performance indicators of LED products, the color rendering index Ra, color temperature Tcp, color tolerance and color shift of the light source can be specified, but in actual applications, it will be affected by various factors. As time goes by, the on-site color rendering index Ra will increase, and the color temperature Tcp will decrease, which is very different from the initial value.

Compared with traditional metal halide lamps, the color temperature and color rendering index of LED lamps have certain advantages and guarantees in football field lighting.

The glare problem of football field lighting: The glare in the football field will not only affect the game, but also affect the mood of the athletes. If the light from the lamp directly hits the camera lens, it will also produce camera glare, which will affect the shooting. Solving the glare caused by football stadium lighting In addition to the anti-glare in the design of lamps, the installation height and projection angle of the lamps are also important factors to control the glare.

In terms of glare treatment, OAK LED lamps are equipped with an anti-glare system, customized lighting schemes for different parameters of the football field, anti-glare, high uniformity, no glare, comfort, and no light pollution.

The installation method of football stadium lighting usually includes four-corner layout, two-sided layout and light strip layout, using 4 light poles, 6 light poles, 8 light poles, or directly installed on the 2 side roof of the football stadium.

The stroboscopic effect of football stadium lighting: There are two indicators for stroboscopic effect: stroboscopic ratio and stroboscopic index. In practical applications, stroboscopic is particularly important for football stadium lighting. When a live TV broadcast requires slow motion or super slow motion, the live screen is prone to jitter. Football matches have put forward new requirements for sports TV rebroadcasting strobe. Some football stadiums set the strobe ratio below 3%.

In order to solve the stroboscopic problem, the stroboscopic effect of OAK LED lamps is less than 0.2%, which will not cause eye fatigue. Especially in the real-time broadcast of football matches, it is necessary to ensure that the broadcast picture is clear and the colors are vivid. The special actions of the athletes, the auditorium and surrounding scenes, and close-up shots of emergencies can all be well reported.

Real-time monitoring and centralized timing control of the football field lighting system are also difficult to achieve with traditional control equipment. After the large-scale use of OAK LED football lights, a unique intelligent control system can be realized through DALI, DMX, Mobile App, etc. The intelligent lighting system can switch different modes for the football field. OAK will work with you to provide professional LED upgrade solutions and cost control for your football stadium lighting.

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