ED Film Light in comparison with flash lamp
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ED Film Light in comparison with flash lamp

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Speaking of photography lights, everyone must have heard of flash and led fill light. In daily photography, is it better to use LED fill light or flash? In this issue, we will introduce advantages and disadvantages of the two kinds of photographic fill light in detail, so that everyone can have more comprehensive and you can choose a more suitable photography light in the shooting creation.

Let’s talk about LED fill light, this is a kind of constant light, using high brightness LED as the main light source, the biggest feature is the “what you see is what you get” fill light effect. Simple operation, wide versatility, still life Shooting scenes are all fine, such as close-up portraits, live fills, video recordings, stage lighting, etc. As long as you feel dimly lit, you can use them to fill light. The key is that it is cheap.

After reading the led fill light, we go on to say the flash lamp. The most common type of flash lamp is the top hot shoe flash. Of course, the cylindrical light that hidden in the light box when you take the photo is also the flash. The flash is the most commonly used photographic light in wedding photography and photo studio portrait shooting. One of their commonalities is also the biggest difference from the constant lighting, that is, the power will be much larger, and the color temperature deviation is small.

Everyone should be most concerned about: Which is better for LED fill light and flash? Let us compare the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of fill light.

The biggest advantage of the flash lamp is that it can illuminate the object in an instant, so that the sharpness of the photo immediately reaches the highest level of the lens without any color deviation. Disadvantages, first, you need to have certain skills to use the light. Though there are many TTL flashes for automatic exposure, automatic TTL is not enough, you still need to adjust the flash exposure compensation.

And led fill light as a rising star, it has more advantages, we summed up three points:

1.WYSIWYG fill light effect, easy to use, even if there is no basis for photography and light, it can also be used, and there is no need to wait for callback, which is more convenient when capturing. What to look at with the flash lamp is not known until the shutter is pressed, and there is a waiting time of 0.2-10 seconds.

2. The light quality is softer. In terms of light quality, the light and darkness of the light source can be adjusted at any time. The light source of the LED light is softer than the flash light, and it is not even necessary to install a soft light cover or a soft light umbrella light accessory when shooting. The light source of the flash has a large output power and the light is mostly hard light. Therefore, in portrait shooting, the flash is often shot by flashing (the lamp head is flashing against the white ceiling and the wall output). Direct flashing may affect your child's eyes, so do not do that to a child within one year old.

3.Focus can still be easily achieved in low illuminance. In low-light environments, the use of LED fill light can increase the ambient light level by continuously filling light, and make the camera easier to complete the focus task, instead of using the flash lamp, causing insufficient light when focusing.

In still life shooting, the flash light is too hard, generally using a lighter led fill light.Led photography lights can clearly show the details, while passing the depth of field control, make the picture layered.

The development of LED photography lights has become a necessary choice for many professional film,magazine and advertising companies.

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