Differences On Ordinary LED Lights And LED Stadium Lights
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Differences On Ordinary LED Lights And LED Stadium Lights

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LED stadium lighting is a very important facility for all kinds of sports events as it not only meets the needs of sport arenas, but also meets the broadcasting effects of various TV networks.

Ordinary LED lights cannot be used for stadium lighting because they are not specifically designed for the stadiums. And the ordinary LED lights have the problems of light decay, uneven illumination, glaring and so on.

So what’s differences on ordinary LED lights and professional LED stadium lights? Actually, there are three points for answering this question.

The first difference is LED Stadium lights have the powerful thermal system to reject the light decay.

A 500W LED lighting fixture is turned on continuously for several hours during the game, which will generate a lot of heat. If the thermal system is not good, it is easily to cause a damage to the materials inside the lamps, leading to the emergence of the light decay. Compared with ordinary LED lights, the professional LED stadium lights take the military phase heat dissipation technology to solve the problem on the difficulty of heat dissipation. In the meanwhile, professional LED stadium lights can maintain the even illumination level and uniformity constant for 50000 hours.

The second difference is LED stadium lights adopt intelligent light control system to avoid the insufficient illumination.


As we know, ordinary LED lights do not have a light controlling system, so the single lighting design cannot meet the needs of various stadium lighting and easily leads to the darkness on the fields. However, professional LED stadium lights have the intelligent adjustment lighting system, through the Internet, GPRS and WIFI, etc. to eliminate the darkness on the courts.

The third difference is LED stadium lights have a professional optical design to prevent glare.

As a crucial part of the core technology, the professional stadium lighting fixtures solve the problems of glare, uneven brightness and external light. Ordinary LED lamps do not have professional glare treatment, which can be dazzling on the court and even directly affect the game.


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