Differences Between LED Flood Lights And Metal Halide Lamps
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Differences Between LED Flood Lights And Metal Halide Lamps

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1. Lumen Depreciation

Lumen depreciation is one of the most important aspects of metal halide bulbs. The lumen depreciation rate of metal halides is high. Therefore, after 3 or 4 years, they may lose only 50% of their initial brightness. The worst part of the case with metal halides is that lumens can drop significantly, but energy consumption is still the same. That's why LED technology is so much better.

The L70 is a concept used for LEDs to ensure that the LED retains 70% of its lumens throughout its entire lifespan (approximately 10 years).

2. Reflection effect

Another problem with metal halides is the loss of light due to reflection. Metal halides usually emit light in all directions, while LEDs emit light only in a specific direction.

Reflectors are used in metal halides to prevent light scattering. As a result, lumens bounce and cause losses. According to the study, about 30% of lumens may be lost for this reason. This is why LEDs should be considered for replacing 1000 watts metal halides.

3. Replacements to metal halides

There are two options for replacing metal halides: one is for retrofitting and the other is to replace the lighting fixtures completely.

The retrofitting means that metal halide lamps are replaced only with LED lights, while the entire lumiaire replacement involves the replacement of all components, even including the housing.

Many people believe that replacing LEDs with old retrofit kits is less efficient than the new ones, but this is not entirely true.

In fact, we've come up with a solution that you can still keep the same frame when we customize the LED structure to be embedded in it.

However, we still have a complete full set of luminaires that you can buy as a replacement for old lamps with 1000W metal halide. The LED flood lights replacing 1000W metal halide lamps not only ensure better lighting quality, but also are very energy efficient and have low operating costs.

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