Classification of High Bay Light
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Classification of High Bay Light

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General floodlights are usually uniformly arranged in the upper part of the work site or on the side wall, lighting the whole working surface. It need to use larger power incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, high-intensity gas discharge lamp or more fluorescent lamp. Of course, there are more energy-saving high-power LED mining lights, most of the mining lights belong to this kind. General floodlight has higher requirement to the distribution of the light, using the light distribution of direct illumination type and semi-direct illumination type. A part of the semi-direct lighting pattern that illuminates the ceiling from above can increase the brightness of the ceiling, creating a more comfortable and brighter environment.

Local lighting is a kind of lamps to improve the illumination of a working part. Its effect can be to strengthen on the foundation of general illumination, complement illumination, and it also can be the place that does not need illumination at ordinary times in a few serve as temporary illumination. Their light distribution is mostly unregulated. Local lighting is usually installed near the work area. In a few tall workshop, they also use cast light to make local illumination sometimes.

According to the light source, mining lamp can be divided into traditional lighting mining lamp (such as sodium lamp mining lamp, mercury lamp mining lamp, etc.) and LED high bay light.

Compared with traditional mining lamp, LED high bay has great advantages:

1. Color rendering index of LED high bay light is higher than 70.

2. LED lights are of high efficiency and more energy saving, equivalent to 100W LED industrial and mining lights can replace the traditional type of 250W.

3.The traditional light source has the disadvantage of high lamp temperature, lamp temperature can reach 200-300 degrees. However, LED itself is a cold light source, the lamp temperature is lower, more safe, and it belongs to the cold drive.

4. In the continuous innovation of LED mining lamps, the latest fin-type radiator industrial and mining lamps have more reasonable radiator design, which greatly reduces the weight of high bay lamps, and reduces the overall weight of 80W LED high bay lamps to less than 4KG, and perfectly solves the heat dissipation problem of 80-300w LED high bay lamps.

In order to work reliably and long term in dusty, damp and other places with poor environmental conditions, mining lamps have special requirements in structural design, shell and reflector. Closed lamps or convection lamps with upward light passage should be used in dusty environment; Pay attention to enclosure tightness and reflector surface treatment in humid environment. Considering the inevitable vibration in the production site, the fixed light source should be used to prevent loose lamp holder, etc. There are many fixed ways of mine lamp. General lighting has suction top, embedded, hoisting (using straight pipe or chain) and suction wall and so on. Movable local lighting is equipped with corresponding hooks, handles, pins, etc. Fixed local floodlight is commonly used with screws or fixed mechanism firmly locked in the work machine.

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