Baseball stadium field lighting
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Baseball stadium field lighting

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The baseball stadium is an important sports event, especially in the United States, the Super Bowl is well-known, so the baseball stadium needs a very professional lighting design to meet the needs of players, audiences and live TV.

The diameter of the baseball is small, the movement speed is fast, and it is difficult to capture the transient changes of the trajectory. Therefore, the baseball field needs enough horizontal illumination and a certain height range of vertical illumination. It is necessary to meet the illuminance requirements of the inner and outer fields of the baseball stadium, and conform to the uniformity and gradient relationship. According to the environment and size of the baseball field, determine the number of light poles, the height of the poles, the type of lamps, the beam width and the number of lamps.

Baseball filed lighting design and comprehensive analysis of the field environment. Usually eight light poles are used as the lighting method of the stadium. The height of the light poles is generally 20~35m. The fan-shaped baseball field is centered symmetrically, and the number of lamps is determined according to different illuminance requirements. , Evenly distributed on the eight light poles.

The lighting of the baseball field is different from the lighting requirements of other stadiums. The area of the baseball field is about 1.6 times that of the football field. The shape of the baseball field is fan-shaped, and the illuminance value of the inner field is very different from that of the outer field. Generally speaking, the average illuminance of the inner field is about 50% higher than the average illuminance of the outer field. Therefore, the uniformity of the outer field illuminance is the difficulty. The illuminance value at the junction of the field and the outside field. The demarcation line between the inner field and the outer field of the baseball stadium is designed to be the boundary between the high and low lighting levels, reducing the illuminance value of the outer field adjacent to the infield, reducing the difference in illuminance between this area and the arc edge area of the outer field, thereby improving the outer field Uniformity of illumination. In the baseball stadium lighting design, the projection point and beam angle of each lamp are selected and calculated one by one. If necessary, the height of the light poles must be adjusted to ensure that the various lighting indicators of the baseball stadium meet the international competition standards.


The lighting design of the baseball filed must not only meet the vertical and horizontal illuminance, but also the uniformity of the vertical illuminance and the uniformity of the horizontal illuminance, as well as the ratio coefficient of the average vertical illuminance to the average horizontal illuminance. The more important thing is to control the glare index. Choose LED lamps with higher color rendering index and corresponding color temperature, so as to meet the lighting requirements of the lighted baseball field, to ensure the normal skills of baseball players during night training and games, and to ensure the TV During the broadcast, it clearly reflects the athlete's instantaneous movement and movement posture, as well as the ability to capture the trajectory of baseball in high-speed movement.

The limitation of baseball field glare can be achieved from the determination of the projection point, the adjustment of the height of the light pole, and the selection of the beam angle of the lamps. Through the design of each luminaire one by one, multiple calculations and modifications, until a satisfactory calculated value is reached, to limit the glare index of the baseball field.

In addition, the power supply system and lighting control system of the baseball stadium are also very important. An inspection box is placed next to each lighthouse for easy maintenance.

The lighting system has manual, automatic and automatic interlocking control functions for the on and off of each light group on the baseball field to control the on/off interval between each group of lights, reducing the impact on the power grid.

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