Analysis of LED Lighting Market in Four Aspects
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Analysis of LED Lighting Market in Four Aspects

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Plant lighting

The market prospects for LEDs for plant lighting are quite optimistic, and the market size is expected to grow rapidly. In 2017, the plant lighting (system) market is about 690 million US dollars, including 193 million LED lamps. It is estimated that by 2020, the plant lighting (system) market will grow to 1.424 billion US dollars, and LED lamps will grow to 356 million US dollars.

In the US market, major lighting manufacturers are seeing more emphasis on the layout of plant lighting and engineering lighting, and it is expected that there will be a significant increase in revenue in 2017. The proportion will also increase to 35%.

Observing the US and Mexico markets, mainly taking the cannabis market as a potential market demand, and responding to factors such as lack of sunshine, greenhouse lighting demand is the main source.

Animal lighting

As the global population grows, it will drive the world's meat demand. However, chickens and birds are more sensitive to light than humans, especially for red light and blue light. The spectrum of visual perception of chickens and other poultry is wider than humans, and it also has a strong color sense. More light color, different wavelengths of light have different effects on poultry physiology such as sexual maturity and production performance and psychology.

If we can optimize the lighting source of poultry breeding, it will improve the quality of feeding and production, such as increasing the quality of meat in broilers and strengthening the egg production rate of chickens.

Fishery lighting

Compared with traditional light sources, LED light source has better penetrating rate, energy saving, long life and so on. Therefore, it can also be used in fishery lighting. LED lighting products can be adjusted according to different fish types, and can accept high collision and work. It will not be burned by high temperature during the process.

The LED has high directive property. The lighting efficiency of the fishing lamp is relatively high. It can be designed as a submersible product, which is more suitable for work in the deep sea area. LED fish lights gradually turn toward high-brightness LEDs and increase the tilting function.

Human illumination

Human lighting involves psychological and physiological influences on people's emotions, perceptions and vision. At the same time, the lighting of the working environment also affects work efficiency. In addition, it is necessary to maintain sustainable development with the environment and pay attention to environmental protection and energy conservation.

Therefore, the artificial light source must provide high-quality illumination, be as close as possible to natural light in the spectrum, and make full use of natural light, and use scientific technology to make up for the lack of illumination and stability of natural light. Try to adopt safe, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions and materials, and integrate humanized intelligent control technology to fully meet the visual needs of human factors engineering and provide the best "people-oriented" lighting.

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