Advantages of LED Street Lights
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Advantages of LED Street Lights

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With the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp gradually withdraw from the market, LED lamps are more and more widely used.

Thanks to LED luminaires, the quality of light is significantly improved, and the cost savings are significant. 

Of course, in addition to Chengdu LED street lamp manufacturers think that LED street lamps also have the following advantages.

Firstly, well-designed LED street lamps emit clear, controllable and beautiful light. 

The precisely designed optics in led luminaires ensure that light is exposed to where it belongs, which means less light is wasted.

Secondly, LED luminaires have lower maintenance costs and lower energy consumption. 

Since most road lights are owned and operated by utility companies, using LEDs can reduce energy consumption by about 40%. 

At the same time, the more important savings are in terms of maintenance. LED luminaires live three to four times longer than HID, so the cost savings from individual maintenance can be significant.

Thirdly, decorative LED street lighting is growing. 

With the improvement of technology and the reduction of manufacturing costs, lighting manufacturers can provide a wider range of decorative lighting options, can imitate the lighting design of old gas lamps, etc. , very aesthetic advantages.

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