Reasons for the destruction of LED wall washer
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Reasons for the destruction of LED wall washer

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LED wall washer is a low-voltage low-power lamp, which is more sensitive to voltage. Therefore, the brightness of the entire LED is usually controlled by current, and the peak value of the entire working current is 20 mA. If the current exceeds this peak value, it will easily cause the LED wall washer to be destroyed.

Based on this principle, the reasons for the destruction of LED wall washer in real life usually have the following aspects:

First: waterproof. When the LED lights use different waterproof materials, the strength of the waterproof performance and the length of the life of the waterproof performance are different. After some LED waterproof materials are aging and expired, water will enter and cause the circuit to short-circuit.

Second: The driver or lamp bead is damaged. Relatively speaking, in LED lamps, the driver and lamp beads are relatively easy to break. Because the working voltage of LED lights is usually 24V, and the rated voltage of alternating current is 220V, it is often necessary to go through the driver to perform a variable voltage and stable current process. The choice of drives in the market is also varied, with a few dollars for the bad and dozens of dollars for the good. Therefore, the life span of the drive varies depending on the quality. When the driver does not work normally, it will also cause abnormal voltage and current, which will eventually lead to the destruction of the entire light bar. The lamp beads are basically used by major manufacturers, and their normal life is generally higher. However, the lamp beads are affected by the environment (high temperature). Therefore, they are relatively easy to break.

Third: component matching. This is when the capacitance and resistance are mismatched during the calculation, after a certain period of use, an abnormal current will occur, which will burn out the entire circuit.

The above are the general reasons for the destruction of outdoor wall washer. There may be other reasons, but they are rare.

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