Installation Problems and Precautions of SMD LED Line Lights
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Installation Problems and Precautions of SMD LED Line Lights

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There are many types of SMD LED lamp beads, which are divided into 3528, 2835, 3535, 5050, 5630, etc. from the package volume, which are used in lighting fixtures.

The processing method of SMD lamp beads is generally: reflow soldering. Among them, it is divided into low temperature welding, medium temperature low welding, and high temperature welding

In addition, the notch of the SMD LED is generally the negative electrode. Depending on the packaging method, there will be changes

There are sometimes many problems in the installation of SMD LED line lights. Here are the reasons for the installation problems and some precautions.

There are five reasons for the installation failure of SMD LED:

1. The lamp is in poor contact or damaged due to strong pulling

2. The lamp is damaged due to the outdoor installation environment or other external reasons;

3. The installer directly damages the lamp during the installation process

4. The network cable and lamp connection cable are scratched and broken during the installation process

5. The equipment is not grounded for protection

Precautions for SMD LED

1. Don't fall or bump heavily during transportation

2. Do not pull the light bar of the lamp forcefully

3. Pay attention to the broken skin of the lamp connection line during the installation process

4. Separate strong and weak currents, connect the positive and negative power supplies correctly, and make the connectors waterproof

5. Grounding protection of all electrical equipment

6. The lamps are installed according to the numbered model of the drawing

7. The main controller and sub-controller should be dust-proof and waterproof

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