10 Best Reasons For Choosing OAK LED Stadium Flood Lights For Tennis Courts Lighting Project
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10 Best Reasons For Choosing OAK LED Stadium Flood Lights For Tennis Courts Lighting Project

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In current LED lighting industry, LED light is the best option for metal halide lamps or halogen lamps in the new construction or lighting fixtures upgrading projects. LED lights are widely used for high school, college, commercial or residential tennis courts, there are different lighting requirements and consideration. But the question is how to choose the best LED lights for tennis courts.

Here are 10 reasons for choosing our LED stadium flood lights for tennis courts.

1. Our LED stadium flood lights meet different brightness requirement

Many of us may not know how many lamps should need to illuminate for an indoor or outdoor tennis court. But we can offer the best lighting plan for your reference if you can share us the related information such as the size of the court, the pole height and the requirement of lux level, etc.

There are different brightness requirements depending on different purposes of tennis courts. According to the ITF's recommendation for tennis court lighting, there are three requirements for lux level.

1) Class I: Top-level national and international competitions (non-televised) with requirements for spectators with potentially long viewing distances. For example, Wimbledon Championships should reach this lux level.

2) Class II: Mid-level competition, such as regional or local club tournaments. This generally involves medium-sized numbers of spectators with average viewing distances. High-level training may also be included in this class. For example, some local club’s matches should reach this lux level.

3) Class III: Low-level competition, such as local or small club tournaments. This does not usually involve spectators. General training, school sports and recreational activities also fall into this class.

And the following tables can help you to know how many lux you should reach whether it is indoor tennis court or outdoor tennis court.

2. Our LED stadium flood lights offer different power from 100W to 2000W

In the general training, school sports and recreational activities usually need reach at 200 lux when it is holding for outdoor tennis events. And the size of standard outdoor tennis court is closest to 200 square meters, and if you need to choose LED stadium flood lights to light up such 200 square meters course, you need to install 200 square meters × 200 lux= 40,000 lumens, the power required is equal to 40,000 lumens/ 170 lumen per watt (our standard luminous effiency)=235 watts, which each tennis court may use 300 watt LED stadium flood light. And LEDs are the most energy-saving option because its power consumption is reduced after replacing high power or same power metal halide or halogen lamps. In this brightness calculation, you only focus on the tennis play area but do not consider the audience seating area. So please feel free to contact OAK LED if you need a more precise lighting design. Our professional engineers will give you the best advice on using the suitable LED stadium flood lights to reach the best lighting effect. We offer not only the best lighting solutions, but also different power LED stadium flood lights from 100 watt to 1000 watt, which helps you well finish your projects.

3. Our LED stadium flood lights have high uniformity, high CRI and wide color temperature

Uniformity of illumination is a parameter describing how evenly light is distributed over the court surface. Its value ranges from 0 to 1 to reflect the ratio between the minimum or average lux and the maximum lux in a particular area. We can imagine that the uniformity increases with the value as the difference between the average and maximum lux is lower.

Some clients may require the floodlights for tennis courts to have high illumination uniformity. It is reasonable to have this requirement because the uneven brightness of the entire site can not only affect the vision, but also affect the player's performance and audience experience. So generally speaking, a uniformity of 0.6 to 0.7 is sufficient for almost all types of tennis courts. For best results, our engineers use LED lights with various beam angles and projection angles.

Color rendering describes the ability of a light source to reveal and reproduce colors accurately. It is ranked by the colour rendering index Ra (from 0 to 100) where the higher the index the better the colour accuracy. For the top-class tournament such as Wimbledon and US Open, the CRI of LED stadium flood lights for tennis events should be at least 80.

Color temperature is the apparent color of a light source and it is expressed in Kelvin (K). Most of the cases require 5000K to 6000K, which is referred as cool white light. For some tennis clubs, they may want the warm white light having 2800 to 3500K.

4. Our LED stadium flood lights resist high temperature

For outdoor tennis events, we need to ensure the LED stadium flood light can resist high temperatures, such as under the scorching sun. This is because overheating can make the damage to the lights. To solve this problem, our products use the Cree/Bridgelux COB chips from USA that can reduce the heat generation by 20-30% compared to similar products on the market.

It is highly recommended to use LEDs instead of HID lamps because the former uses 95% of the energy directly for lumen output, while the latter converts 40% to 50% of the energy into heat, which exacerbates overheating problems. The use of LED lights is an external method of dealing with high temperature problems.

5. Our LED stadium flood lights provide IP67 waterproof protection

When LED stadium flood lights are installed, they will be susceptible to a variety of adverse weather conditions in specific countries, such as heavy rain and snow. In order to keep the lights on better running environment, it is strongly recommended to let us know if there are any special problems in the surrounding environment. According to our experience, some of our customers report acid rain problems near the their sport arena, in order to sovle this problem, our LED stadium flood lights adopt pure aluminum, and take the professional technology like sandblasting as well as adding a thin polycarbonate cover to the aluminum casing to help improve durability during the manufacturing process, so our LED stadium flood lights support IP67 waterproof for different sports fields.

6. Our LED stadium flood light work well under extremely low temperate

For outdoor tennis courts, the lights may encounter snowstorms, HID lamps can not work under such low temperature due to its delicate structure, but our LED stadium flood lights with strong structure can work well in this harsh environment, especially, our LED lights pass the low temperature laboratory test, proving they can work under the low temperature when it is -40° C.

7. Our LED stadium flood lights offer high efficient thermal system

Strong and long-lasting heat can damage the LED chips, which easily reduces the brightness and lifespan of the lights. To solve this problem, we have developed an exclusive and effective cooling system to maintain proper heat loss. As the following image shows, our thermal system includes dense aluminum fins attached to the back of the lamp to provide a large heat sink surface area, so the huge heat will be transferred by air flowing, and finally keeping the light in a better running environment.

8. Our LED stadium flood lights with anti-glare lighting design bring a good experience to players and audience

Glare means that intense light makes the tennis player or audience feel uncomfortable and even irritated, especially for high power LED lights, if there is no special design on the LED chips, people may feel dazzled when looking at the lights. In order to solve this problem, our LED stadium flood lights all adopt precise optical lighting system with anti-glare to reduce the glare by 40%, which can bring a good experience to players or audience during the competition.

9. Our LED stadium flood lights can avoid spill lights outside the tennis courts nearby the residential areas

The light pollution from tennis courts easily affects the daily life of surrounding residential areas, and glare may also blur the view of nearby road users. According to the international standard, the brightness of the spill light should not exceed 10 to 25 lux. In order to solve this problem, we can offer you the customized lighting design and provide the LED stadium flood lights with special accessory like the light shield that can prevent the unwanted light affecting the neighbourhood.

10. Our LED stadium flood lights support different professional televised competitions

The flicker rate is very important for professional tennis courts that host televised competitions. Fluorescent lamps and metal halide lamps are prone to flicker under the camera because the brightness fluctuates significantly at low frequencies. And this uneven brightness easily affects the user's experience. But our LED stadium flood lights is specially designed for different professional competitions, our LED lights not only have the lowest flicker rate less than 0.2%, but also keep compatible with 6000 Hz slow motion cameras.

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